Charlotte’s House is the perfect venue for your group of 4 to 8 people to learn a new recipe or technique. Lyn has worked in restaurants and was chef/owner of Bolton’s Chef D’jour ltd. Fine Catering for many years. Get together with some friends and sit back and relax while Lyn walks you through the chosen agenda, and sample the fruits of her labors. All recipes are available for participants to take home. Workshops are designed around your requests. You can develope a class that focuses on a technique such as sauting and pan sauces or a topic such as desserts. We could also develope a specific menu, preparing it and sampling it during the class. The fees are dependent upon what the class is making, but most classes run between $45-$60 per person and are three hours long. Here is a sampling of four popular workshops from the past. CHICKEN AGAIN Do you eat so much chicken that you feel like you’ll sprout feathers? There are hundreds of recipes for chicken yet most of us use only 3 or 4. In this workshop we will break that cycle and send you off with new inspiration for serving poultry with pizzazz. COMFORT FOOD If your mother never showed you how to make family favorites, this workshop is for you. We’ll prepare and sample; Beef Bourguignon, Corn Chowder, Meatloaf, Biscuits, Apple Pie and more. CHOCOLATE CRAZY: Is there a better way to spend three hours than making and eating chocolate desserts? We will create cakes, tarts, cookies, and bars that have the same wonderful thing in common – chocolate. SPRINGTIME MENU From beginning to end we’ll make this great menu – Pear Leek and Gruyere Turnovers, Roast Asparagus and Spring Greens with Apricot Vinaigrette, Garlic Chicken & Prociutto in Phyllo, and Fresh Berry Pavlova. Bring your appetite.